Alexander Technique

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The Alexander Technique is a simple but gentle method of re-educating the body to move the way nature intended - with grace, efficiency and without pain.

Originally developed to help actors and speakers, it has since been found to have all kinds of uses from overcoming back pain to increasing energy and confidence.

It is very different from treatments like physiotherapy, osteopathy, or chiropractic; the Alexander Technique is a means to get you the pupil, to understand how to use your body correctly and intuitively. It requires a level of perserverence and patience, but it has the power to revolutionise your life: it is a chance to re-learn how to move, stand and sit with the natural poise we all had as children, before bad habits got in the way.

The good news is that it is never too late to learn and permanently change ingrained habits.

Susanna Scouller trained at the Constructive Teaching Centre for the Alexander Technique in London which was established in the 1960's by Walter Carrington (1915-2005), a protege of F. M. Alexander. Susanna is a member of STAT, The Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique, the internationally recognised representative body for the Technique. All members are fully insured and bound by a professional code of conduct.

Susanna teaches The Alexander Technique at Basuto Medical Centre on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons and can be booked directly through Reception (020 7736 7557) or directly with Susanna (07887 592 361).

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