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Service for members

All patients of Basuto Medical Centre can order a repeat prescription of medication of which one of our doctors has previously prescribed for them and agreed to put on repeat order.

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered either by telephone, in writing, by fax, or by utilising the online form on this page. Repeat prescription writing is free for subscription scheme members, although you will have to pay for the prescription itself upon going to your chemist of choice.

This service is for patients who have been to the clinic before and been prescribed medication by our Doctors in the last year, however, for heart, blood pressure, and diabetes medications the requirements to be seen by a Doctor before further prescriptions can be issued may vary.

Important information

Please note that all requests are individually reviewed by a Doctor and you may be invited to an appointment if they recommend it. Please therefore always allow plenty of time to arrange repeat prescriptions.


Contact Info:
29 Basuto Road
Parsons Green
Tel: 020 7736 7557

Appointment times:
8am - 6.30pm Monday
8am - 6.30pm Tuesday
8am - 6.30pm Wednesday
8am - 6.30pm Thursday
8am - 6.30pm Friday