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Basuto Medical Centre

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When a patient registers with our Practice they are provided with an information form which outlines our charges and general details. In addition, a registration form is asked to be completed to ensure our Doctors have up to date information to treat you as effectively as possible  All members of the Basuto staff ensure that patients are treated with dignity and respect and that their privacy is protected at all times. If a patient wishes to bring a companion or chaperone with them they are free to do so.

Patients have the option to register with our Practice, as follows: Firstly, there is an annual subscription scheme which is designed to cover up to ten doctor consultations at the practice annually. The scheme offers participating patients considerable discounted savings with regard to the cost of their private healthcare. Secondly, patients can choose to pay per consultation ('Pay as You Use') which allows them to pay per appointment, as required.

Annual Subscription Scheme:

  • The cost of the annual subscription scheme is £600 per person for new patients.
  • When four or more members of a family are registered on the subscription, a reduction of £25.00 per person will be given.
  • The reduction does not apply to families with children over the age of 18.
  • We do not accept children on the scheme without at least one parent joining as well.

The scheme covers up to ten consultations at the Practice during surgery hours, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6.30pm, except Bank Holidays, throughout the year. A fee of £80.00 will be charged for any consultations thereafter. The scheme also includes baby developmental checks and preparation for repeat prescriptions; however, the completion of health insurance claim forms and passport photographs etc. are charged for separately. Please note, however, that this scheme is not available to patients who are able to claim our consultation fees from their insurance company. Also an annual routine medical examination is available if requested. The fee for this is £150.00 for subscription scheme patients.

Pay-as-You-Use Fees:

Pay-as-You-Use fees are £120.00 per visit for children and £130.00 for adults. However, this fee may be increased depending on the length of appointment, the amount of additional research required or multiple letters of referral.

Routine annual medical examinations can be requested, for the fee of: £225.00.

Emergency medical advice may be sought out of surgery hours and at weekends by calling the surgery number: 020 7736 7557. An answerphone message will inform you as to how to contact the Doctor on call. Please note, that it may not be one of the Doctors at this Practice. There will be a charge for both telephone advice and visits at this time to all patients.

Additional charges for patients are:
Passport forms £20.00
Health insurance claim forms (from) £15.00
Repeat prescriptions £20.00
Photocopies of medical notes (from) £35.00

The charges for baby developmental checks from six weeks to eight months old are £175.00; as they involve a specific range of tests and require more time for the examinations.

Childhood immunisations are provided at the Practice and the charges listed on our Prices page apply to both annual subscribers and Pay-as-You-Use patients.

Contact Info:
29 Basuto Road
Parsons Green
Tel: 020 7736 7557

Appointment times:
8am - 6.30pm Monday
8am - 6.30pm Tuesday
8am - 6.30pm Wednesday
8am - 6.30pm Thursday
8am - 6.30pm Friday